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Did anyone hear about Simon Clarke?

Lamplighter, Muggleborn. Skinny guy, kind of greyish hair? Well, he's dead. The Militia Corps came through last night and killed him. I'd go on for a bit about how there was no trial, or even some sort of charge, but - well, we've heard it all before, haven't we?

So, as I was saying, these militia came to our part of city, and pretty much dragged Clarke out of his house without a word. Well, not quite without a word, there was a lot of "Mudblood scum!" and all that rubbish. Anyway, they dragged him out of his house and beat him to death in the street. Bloody horrible mess, too.

I heard that those militiamen were found dead this morning, though. Sounds kind of like karma, doesn't it?
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Beat him to death? Blunt instruments was it? It's almost creative for them.

Will you be around later? We need to chat about that upcoming mission, if you could call it that.
Mostly boots and bricks. Maybe they thought they were being clever, killing him in a Muggle way or something.

I was thinking about strolling down to Diagon Alley, buying a nice bun or something, but that'd also involve getting arrested, tortured and killed. So yes, I'll be around, heh.
Not bloody surprised really. We can't expect to bloody play fair, can we? After all, we're just hanging round making the place look untidy.
I'm not really surprised, I'm just hoping there's enough karma for the rest of them.
There's karma and then us speeding up the process a little bit.
There's a shock. The thing is, though, we're more or less the irritating rats that plague the city, right? So they're exterminating. I think the fact that we're actually humans is just extra detail.
Yeah, well. How're things where you are?
We're not human. Not anymore; ever see a human go without sun for so long? We look like bloody undercooked pancakes. Rumor has us eating the rats that plague the city because we have nothing else...